Tennessee talent Super Duper may not be a name that everybody recognizes now, from what we have heard so far – he’s not going away anytime soon. Presently in the early stages of his career, Super Duper’s production talents far outshine his minimal online presence, yet his small collection of original singles and remixes on his SoundCloud is emblematic of a fruitful future for the young producer

This brings us to his bright new single, “Angela.” Both calm and stimulating at the same time, the track is a ride through divine chord progressions, hurried percussion, and aided by ominous synth waves and chilling vocal cuts. If this track is any indication of what Super Duper is artistically capable of, then there’s no doubt that he’ll continue to increase his fanbase as he evolves his sound into something magnificent and ambitious.

Listen to “Angela” below and buy it on iTunes.

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