A match made in heaven for two LA based producers, LondonBridge and Goshfather team up for the newest Space Yacht track called “Hollywood Squares”. Immediately from the get go, the song is upbeat and fun. The duo said they were trying to catch the feel of Fatboy Slim type house, and it definitely shines through. The track is heavy with samples, even sampling from Fatboy himself. The track also features plenty of entertaining bridges that bring on subtle but pleasant changes in the melody. Overall a great midsummer jam to add to any playlist you’ve been bumping on the weekends.

Check out the rest of LondonBridge and Goshfather’s¬†Soundclouds to hear more awesome tracks like this from some of LA’s best underground stars. And as always you can possibly catch them live at any upcoming Space Yacht show.

LondonBridge: F|SC|T

Goshfather Social: F|SC|T