Ladies and gentlemen, for more than three years we’ve brought you the best in live events, interviews, music news, and reviews, but today we’re ready to move into the future.  This website was started with the intention to share our music experiences with people who were passionate about the music and artists we so enjoyed.  For the last three years, photos, videos, and written reviews had acted as a perfect medium to convey our experiences, but no longer.

Virtual Reality.  It’s a strange concept, sure, but now anyone with an iPhone or Android can experience an event with all the energy of the crowds, the feeling of being surrounded by walls of
speakers, the imagery of the dude in a purple kimono he probably stole from his mom rocking the sh*t out of the dance circle to your left.  We at Electric Sloth saw an opportunity here to continue with our original mission of sharing our experiences with you, our readers, but as first-hand as physically possible.  For this weekend, my dear friends, Electric Sloth  has partnered with The Do LaB and Livit Media to bring you virtual reality live streaming of this year’s Woogie Weekend (read last year’s review HERE).  This year, even if you aren’t going to the festival, you’ll be able to tune in on both Electric Sloth and Livit Now (app for iOS and Android) and experience some of your favorite house music artists as if you were actually there.

For our inaugural virtual reality streaming lineup, we’re proud to announce that you’ll be able to tune in either on stage or in the crowd with the following artists:

Eli & Fur (5-7pm Saturday)

Anton Tumas (1-3pm Sunday)

Kidnap Kid (8-10pm Sunday)

Now, the virtual reality streaming features require that you have a viewer like Coachella Viewer you got in your ticket box this year, Google Cardboard , or a comparable substitute, otherwise you will just be able to interact with the stream like a 360-degree video (which is still rad beyond measure).  Welcome to the future of music experiences.