We set up an interview with London-based artist, Sigala. The man himself recently played an incredible set at this year’s Splash House festival in which we had the chance to do some live coverage.
Growing up as a talented pianist, Bruce Fielder had created a Jackson 5 remix that was played for one of the members of the actual Jackson family. This brought the amazing producer to become even more inspired with making music, leading to his first single, “Easy Love”- which topped the UK Singles chart not long after being released.

Getting to know Sigala!

So let’s start with the basic question, where did the name Sigala come from?
It comes from my great, great grandfather a couple of generations ago called Amos Sigala. It was his surname but it never got carried down to me. 
Was the piano a VST or was it recorded live on your track “Sweet Lovin?”
It’s a plugin, not real!
How do you come up with song ideas? Do you start with a chord progression, a lead, or the drums?
I usually start with chords and write a vocal part around them… then go back and try and find better chords.
How do you discover new music, and what music are you liking right now?
SoundCloud is the best place to find more unknown but amazing new music in my opinion. When you just let the track finish and it picks the next one for you, there are some real gems.
So SoundCloud, then? 
Yeah, but lots of radio in the car too.
What do you think is the single most important contributing factor to your success as an artist?
I think the fact that I write and produce all my own music has helped, a shocking number of artists don’t have any involvement in the creation of their music. Plus, I think I am good at telling if a song Ive written is good or not -even if I’m emotionally attached to it. I always try to be un-biased.
Your hometown is London-how does the music scene compare to other places that you’ve toured?
London has always had a really exciting music scene, it moves quite quickly in my opinion so there’s always something fresh happening.
It looks like on your live setup you’re using a midi controller as opposed to cdj’s. Can you tell us a little bit about your set up?

I use tractor controllers as I’ve found them to be a more creative option in terms of what is possible in a DJ environment. I’m also about to start integrating some keyboard playing into my sets – it’s been a while since I’ve played keys live so I want to get back into it.

As a huge fan of your music, I’m excited to hear what you have in store. What’s coming next? 

I’m trying to find some really exciting new collaborations for my future records, something maybe people wouldn’t expect…

Last question and we’ll make it fun, if you could be any animal what would you be and why?

I’d like to be a Sloth, then I could just hang around all day..