On June 22nd, we prepared for the long car ride to Rothbury, Michigan. As we arrived at Electric Forest, I immediately just wanted to explore and see as many artists as possible.

Many of us didn’t know where to begin; with performances from The Floozies, Marian Hill, Rüfüs Du Sol, Beats Antique, Griz and others, there was almost too much to choose from. An adventure was awaiting to take me beyond my comfort zone.

Entering the campgrounds was a trip within itself. People were bumping a variety of musical genres, sitting on top of each others’ cars already making new friends. Additionally, various totems and beer bongs were making appearances as we arrived closer and closer to camp.

Day 1: Thursday

We started quite early, getting our stuff together and heading inside the festival grounds by noon. As we explored our surroundings, each stage, piece of art, and element inside the forest told a different story. For example, tiny houses were set up for “a smaller perspective” of things and meditation groups were held at any time of the day/night. Jubilee was designed with a middle eastern feel with antique-like objects hanging from the ceilings. After a lot of walking and a short nap in our hammocks, we headed down to The Ranch Arena to see Party Favor and Paper Diamond perform. Thursday was pretty laid back, with sets being scheduled pretty far apart leaving time to chill in between. Party Favor was playing two sets in one night at two different stages, accumulating a gigantic crowd as he played one of his most popular tracks, “Bap U” to liven up some more energy. Paper Diamond continued to pull a large crowd and was scheduled to play twice throughout the weekend as well.


Party Favor

What So Not was up next playing all of his classics and a ton of new music. The atmosphere was radiant and the vibes were chill as the crowd continued to grow. As What So Not finished up his set, we made the trek to see Savoy whom played at Sherwood Court, another huge setup. Savoy by far played one of their best sets out of the many times I have seen them play. Their lasers were out of control, their bass was loud, and they put on a show that was nothing I had ever seen before.

We closed with Major Lazer’s set at the Ranch. Although there was a lot of talking and less music to listen to throughout their set, their setup was amazing and they put on a great show. I appreciated how engaged they were with the crowd. However, they play such great music I would have loved to hear more of it.

Day 2: Friday

After a good night’s sleep, we woke in our scorching hot tent ready for another fantastic day of great music. Friday was one out of the four days that I was most excited for. There were so many different artists that I had never heard or seen live before, along with so many of my favorites that were lined up to play. We had a bit of a later start and began our evening with G Jones. Not only did he play his usual psychedelic kind of style, but threw in a ton of new music and his most recent collab with Bleep Bloop.

Up next was Marian Hill playing at the Jubilee stage. I decided to explore on my own to see them for my first time and it was a moment I will never forget. I instantly fell in love with their style of music, as they played their whole entire album that they had released just twelve hours before. I made many new friends during the show. I was jammin’ hard with them as I stayed for their whole set and wanting more once it was over. As much as I loved Marian Hill’s set, my heart couldn’t contain how much excitement I had to see Alina Baraz perform. Alina rarely tours and I had never seen her play live, so I continued to stay on my own again for this one and stick to the stage I was at. Many fans as well as myself, were later upset with the fact that Alina was half an hour late to her set and would stop singing in the middle of her songs as if she had forgotten the words. However, she did perform many of my favorite songs and still was able to fill my heart with happiness throughout her set.

Later on, I caught some of Brillz set. Then I headed over to Keys N Krates, who had played one of the greatest sets of the weekend. Their set was filled with a variety of brand new music and bangers that were truly unforgettable. Next up was Bauuer, who performed new stuff and old.


Adventure Club

Last but not least, we stopped by Adventure Club’s set to wrap up the evening. Impressed by their last show at Red Rocks, I had high expectations for their set at forest-and all I can say is that they exceeded my expectations Friday night. They played so much music I had never heard before and by the time the performance was over, I couldn’t help but crave for more. (See what I did there?)

Day 3: Saturday

Saturday was a bit of a struggle at this point into the weekend, becoming so filthy that all of us probably looked like we rolled out of a swamp. Not missing a single song, we pushed through and hung out at Hermitude’s set. The crowd was most definitely feeling his music and gettin’ down to it as he played a euphoric set. Then, of course, the one and only Getter was next on the lineup to see. Putting on an extremely loud and dirty bass-filled set, Getter’s performance was one of the best. He finished with fireworks bursting behind the stage.

We chose to wrap up our night with two outstanding performances by Porter Robinson and Bassnectar. Porter left me breathless with his beautiful stage setup and live set. He played most of my favorite songs. Bassnectar was incomparable, playing a very dreamy, but radiant set. Never ceasing to amaze me, his performances get better and better every time I see him play.



Day 4: Sunday

Another brutally hot day in Rothbury, and I somehow managed to get up and participate in a yoga session that was gathered inside of the forest. After some yoga and a long nap, we got ourselves together and headed into the festival with high hopes. After a couple of interviews, I met up with the Bass Physics duo, AP and Luke, and went to go check out one of my all time favorites, Rüfüs Du Sol. Unfortunately, I had to miss most of their set but the portion that I saw was inspiring.

I stopped by Lany’s set, which was killer, and accompanied by a very laid-back vibe. After some adventuring, I made sure to catch Bass Physics’ set as they threw down at the Forest Stage. Filled with massive amounts of bass and newly produced tracks, the duo performed a fantastic show drawing in a large crowd.

As the night was coming to an end, I was able to catch the beginning of Griz’s funky set and then ventured off to see another one of my favorites, Beats Antique. I wished the two sets didn’t coincide, but I was pleased with my decision. I would highly recommend seeing Beats Antique play at least once if you are into that style of music with live instruments and belly dancers.

Overall, my experience at the Forest was enduring and memorable. We are extremely fortunate to Electric Forest for inviting us to attend. We plan take in the tradition of Electric Forest in the years ahead.