“What did you call me, a Diplo?”

In 2011, The Rej3ctz became a viral internet sensation with their hit, “Cat Daddy”. Now, five years later a lot of individuals have wondered where they’ve gone. Seeming to have disappeared from the rap game, the duo explains how that’s not the case, and how they’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. Having just come off a hot tune with the Trap God UZ titled “Xanny Man”, they’re slated to release an album before the end of the month. Homeless Billionaires will be their first full body of work in a long while, so we caught up with the two of them to see where they’ve been, their thoughts on Trump, working with artists like Dillon Francis and UZ and much more. Always bringing positive energy, the interview was a breeze. Genuinely good and hard-working dudes, we look forward to their upcoming success.

Be sure to watch the full interview above, and take a listen to “Xanny Man” below!