Back with the second half of  ‘No Fantasy Required’ video interviews, Tiga returns with “Part Two: Origins”.

While maintaining his classic demeanor of blatant sarcasm and mockery of any subject matter at hand, something new is also apparent; some real insight into Sontag’s past is finally on the table. It’s always interesting to see a completely different side of Tiga, the side that we rarely get a window into.

From his tennis stardom to early rap escapades, a part of Tiga’s childhood is brought to light for those who might have interest (which better be all of you). He even talks about the time and place in which he sold his soul to DJ culture for one of the most important things he ever received in return, “groove”. Last but definitely not least we get to hear about the only dog that Sontag ever loved, his hungarian viszla Uma.

For those in the UK during the rest of June, be sure to check out his Non-Stop Residency at XOYO where he will play his last nights on June 18th and 25th. Tickets for the events can be found here.