Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and boy did someone piss off Lily Elise.

Though you may lose yourself in the angelic voice of Lily Elise from the beginning of her new single, “Let Me Down”, you’d be doing the song an injustice by not taking a listen to the lyrics. As she describes it, a past flame strung her along instead of ending the relationship. Instead of over-analyzing and blaming herself, she wrote a song about it.

“Let Me Down” is a Future R&B tune that features the gorgeous vocals of Lily Elise atop swelling pads and smooth drums. The instrumental is incredibly clean and sounds similar to the tracks found on Gallant’s album Ology. Pleasing to fans of old-school and contemporary R&B, “Let Me Down” is a catchy song about a very relatable topic. We’ve all been strung along by a love interest, and it’s a terrible feeling. So, instead of feeling bad for yourself, get this tune on repeat for the next few days, feel sad, and move on.

If you’re going through it right now, we’ve done you the courtesy of linking the track below. Take a listen for yourself.

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