When The New York Times claims her vocals as “added density and sweetness” and when NYLON notes that Marian Hill is “alluring and dripping with swagger,” then it’s time to pay attention. The debut of their latest single, “Mistaken” featuring Steve Davit garnered Zane Lowe’s “World Record” track of the week. Thus it was with ample anxiousness that we awaited the debut of their first album, ACT ONE. Now, on June 24th, from Marian Hill, it is here.

As Chance might say, “blessings keep falling in my lap” and it couldn’t be truer for Electric Sloth. We were lucky and blessed to get a sneak peak at ACT ONE before its release today. Here’s our breakdown.

“Down” employs a simple piano melody that holds down the majority of the sound while a layer of tantalizing vocals make me down d-d-d down d-d-d down for everything that’s about to hit me on this album. This is a great opening statement for ACT ONE and a great track overall.

“Wild” and “Bout You” coming one after the other make me want to just hit the repeat button again and again. They’re both very catchy – especially “Bout You.” When “Take Your Time” comes on, it delivers those sensual vibrations and easily joins my love making playlist that also features “Neighbors Know My Name” and various Marvin Gaye songs. Listen to it, love it, make love to it; enough said.

“Sad Song” induces a Lemonade like vibe in the sense of “I don’t need a man.” She sings, “stop singing that same sad song” and I couldn’t agree more. Leave the men at the bus stop and get yourself someone good, like yourself. The banger on the track has to be “Mistaken” with Steve Davit. It’s easy to see lot of air time for this track. Moreover, it really underscores Marian Hill’s sound type: delicious and funky. Lastly, “I Want You” packs a punch with an enticing trumpet blare that keeps the track alive and accentuates the vocal arrangement on the piece.

I want you to want Marian Hill’s ACT ONE because each song is well crafted, intentional and beautiful. Without a doubt Marian Hill has produced an experience, not just an album, but a small and important musical journey that everyone should take. Every song is unique in its own special way and yet they all come together in a natural harmony of sound and love. In an era where the art of an album is fading away, Marian Hill gives me hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Check the track list below, connect with Marian Hill, and purchase ACT ONE.

  1. Down
  2. Talk To Me
  3. Wild
  4. Bout You
  5. Take Your Time
  6. I Know Why
  7. Good
  8. Thinking
  9. Sad Song
  10. Mistaken (feat. Steve Davit)
  11. Same Thing
  12. I Want You