What does the great grandson of Pablo Picasso, one of the world’s most renowned artists do to make a legacy of his own?

Florian Picasso became a familiar name in the EDM world after his breakout hit, “Origami”  saw major support during last year’s festival season. This year, the young artist begins to cement his own name with “Final Call”. An emotional track that can get the crowd to both sing-a-long and energetic enough for the main stages, the tune has the potential to reshape the way we think about Progressive House. A genre that largely fell out of favor with the mainstream with the rise of trap and Big Room, I didn’t expect to hear something this unique coming out of a dying breed of EDM. Fortunately, Florian has given Progressive House a much needed breath of fresh air with this uplifting track. Released via none other than Protocol Recordings, “Final Call” is undoubtedly going to be a heavy-hitter during this year’s festival circuit.

Protocol Recordings

Due to the success of the audio, Protocol has graced us with a unique video masterfully animated by Fauns / Clubbing Vision who have worked on projects for the critically acclaimed movie, Mad Max. The animated beauty tells the story of a young Vietnamese boy who works in the minefields of Vietnam with his grandmother. A redundant lifestyle, it is clear the boy wishes for more. During work, his grandmother loses her life to a mine explosion, and the boy decides to travel to Saigon where he is put to work in a factory. Living the same repetitive and laborious lifestyle, he sees a paper bird flying in the skyline. Chasing it down, he comes across a club in which Florian Picasso is DJing. The boy goes from a defeated and hopeless character to one who gets lost in the music and dance. The paper bird leaves the stage to return to a old hand, of what can only be the boy’s grandmother.

A story with many layers, the animated shorts visits themes of war, poverty, urban movements, death, and the afterlife. An incredible masterpiece, especially when you consider the tune comes in at under three minutes, Florian Picasso, Protocol, and Fauns / Clubbing Vision truly deliver with “Final Call”. Exploring many artistic avenues, the audio and visual do their part to give Florian Picasso a name for himself, and help bring Progressive House back into the forefront of EDM.

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