The long journey continues – with countless sloth experiences at multiple festivals this summer already, I reach the one and only: Electric Forest.

As I make my way to the forest, I can’t help but get those tingles and butterflies in my stomach when I imagine what Electric Forest has to offer and what I can expect from it this year. I feel very lucky to be able to participate in the culture and music. Along with making new friends and getting to know the artists I love and adore. Known as one of the largest and most popular festivals every year, Electric Forest gives a euphoric, energetic vibe that is sincerely contagious. Alongside many others, I’ll be whisked away from reality by engaging the artsy flow and pensive environment. Moreover, with activities like yoga, group meditations, and (my favorite) the wondrous hidden water park I will flourish in the forest.

Electric Sloth is honored to be able to attend this beautiful opportunity and I could not be more excited for what each musician has to offer. With a heart full of high expectations, I know that each set will not disappoint given their distinct personalities.They will radiate with a different kind of energy that will change my life in amazing new ways. With a strong lineup featuring artists like Griz, Beats Antique, Rüfüs Du Sol, The String Cheese Incident and more, a variety of music and culture permeates throughout the festival that draws all music lovers from all genres of music.  Electric Forest is an experience that will be life changing and nurture open mindedness. I look forward to making the forest my temporary home for this next weekend.