Splash House…your favorite pool party featuring your favorite artists at two of your favorite hotels in Palm Springs.

Since April, coincidentally the week Coachella ended, I had one thing on my mind. Yes you guessed it, Splash House. Coined one of today’s best pool parties, this is the event of the season. This year took place at The Riviera Palm Springs, a resort-style hotel featuring two pools and hundreds of surrounding rooms, as well as the oh-so familiar Saguaro, which hosts a massive pool to boogie alongside creatively decorated rooms and balconies.

Night 0

Rolling into the desert Friday night all I could do was watch the temperature gauge in my car slowly but surely climb up until it was 90 degrees at 9pm.

Now I realize that tone sounds like it was a problem…wrong. That temperature to time of day ratio is the definition of summer nights and I could not have been more thrilled to spend it at Splash House.


Photo Credit: Galen Oakes (@onenativeyouth)

After dropping off our belongings at the Riviera we immediately made our way to the Air Museum to dance the night away with Banter,  Klatch, CID, Bearson and Flight Facilities. The set-up of the Air Museum is something out of a movie. Vintage airplanes surrounding a beautifully crafted stage with LED lights artistically displayed on the walls of massive hangers.

To add to the insane energy flowing throughout the crowd, 80% of them were in tank tops, shorts, sandals and everything that reflects summertime. As each artist took to the stage and threw down an hour or more of pure magic it was hard to believe this was only night zero of the 2-day fiasco that was about to commence. Before we knew it 2am had rolled around and we were stuck to accept the fact the music had to come to an end…even if it was only for 8 hours.

Day 1

The time had come. The day was here and the pools were calling our names. Without a moment’s hesitation we made our way to the Riviera pool to kick off the 48-hour dance party about to commence. With 23 different artists playing across three pools, my schedule was clearly packed tight. Artist’s such as Jaime Prado, Bee’s Knees, Big Wild, Jai Wolf and Justin Martin were calling the Riviera home for the day which meant we were in for quite the treat.

The set up of the Riviera was much like a tropical getaway. Tiki huts, multiple jacuzzis, and a pool large enough to fit a small country made for quite the “ambiance” per say. Oh, and the pool floaties…quite possibly one of the most fun additions to a pool party of any kind. It was like you were swimming in your favorite hangover cure; pizza slices, donuts, watermelon…and of course swaggy ducks and swans rocking serious shades. If you didn’t supply a floaty you better hope you made some friends to bask in the desert sun atop a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza.


photo credit: Galen Oakes (@onenativeyouth)

A whole two miles away was the Saguaro hotel, which has called Splash House home for a few years now. This year it was hosting big names like Just Kiddin, Billy Kenny, Croatia Squad, Lee Foss and Nora En Pure. If you could gather anything from just reading those names alone it would be that it was about to be the ultimate dance party with no end in sight.

The layout of the Saguaro differs from the Riviera in a few ways. First off the pool does not twist, turn and wrap around the entire outside but rather is set up in the dead center of the hotel allowing for all pool-facing balconies to party up top or mosey on down to get wet and wild. The surrounding rooms had the ability to decorate their balconies and add flare to the entire pool area. The Saguaro stays true to its roots since it first became a part of the Splash House family and has a personality of its own.

After Justin Martin closed out the final set at the Riviera it was difficult for anyone to contain their excitement. The Air Museum After Hours awaited all of us. Josh Taylor b2b Benny Bridges, Christian Martin and Justin Jay & Friends (Live) were about to bring the noise for 4 hours and I made sure to take a second and polish off my boogie boots. Carrying over from the Riviera not a single soul at Splash House was ready to throw in the towel and call it a night. Those familiar with the Dirtybird family know they love to bring friends and fans of all sorts on stage and from start to finish it was it was a separate dance party of its own on stage. The live instruments during Justin Jay’s set added such a uniqueness to the entire set and made for the most spectacular ending to After Hours at the air museum.


Photo Credit: Jesse Fulton (@jesse_lee_fulton)

Day 2

I’ll admit, getting up Sunday morning was not the easiest of tasks. However, nothing a cup of coffee and dip in the pool couldn’t fix. Oh and I guess my broken toe from the night before posed a temporary problem, but that story is for another time. Today our team decided to mix it up and start at the Saguaro. The funky palace was bringing on Slaptop, Bit Funk, Cut Snake, Darius, Guy Gerber and a few other select acts today.

Right away I noticed that it seemed the crowd was much smaller. At first I was unsure as to why so I put on my detective cap and did some snooping. Low and behold, it was in fact Sunday and some nerds had to be at work early Monday morning. Lucky for me, it was my job to be there and keep the dance party going! (Sorry to everyone that had to leave, we love you and you’re not really a nerd.)

Today’s desert weather was a little cooler than expected, which I am pretty sure not a single person complained about. Regardless of it being Sunday there was a huge chunk of people who wouldn’t let anything stop them from getting down with the get down. As the music started the people started to trickle out of the hotel rooms little by little until it was like nobody had ever left. The varying beats being pumped out of the speakers made for another epic Saguaro run for Splash House (June edition, of course.)


Photo Credit: Jesse Fulton (@jesse_lee_fulton)

Now it was back to the Riviera to make sure we were able to catch Sonny Alven, Jerry Folk, Treasure Fingers, Sigala, FKJ and Odesza. Much like Saguaro it seemed as though very few people chose to stay….but in the blink of an eye the crowd was shoulder to shoulder sharing any open dance space with one another to finish off the weekend strong.

With incredible producers taking the stage one after another it was hard to find any reason to call it quits. The pool was still full of food..by food I mean floaties shaped like food, don’t worry the water was not really filled with pizza..although now that I think about it who would really be mad at that? As the sun went down we were left with the final act of the night, Odesza, who knew that had to hold up to their name and throw down something for the crowd to remember. Needless to say, they did.


Photo Credit: Jose Negrete (@_josenegrete)

As the final minutes of Splash House came to an end the bittersweet nostalgic feeling set in across the crowd. Nobody could, or wanted, to accept it was really coming to an end but the satisfaction of the weekend was enough to get by for two months/

Splash House has grown to be one of the most successful and absolutely astonishing pool parties to date. Come time for the August edition, if you are thinking Vegas and the pools are calling your name, think again. Splash House is where you want to be, where you wish you were, or where you already made your mark. As a couple of sunburnt sloths made their way back to Los Angeles we could only do one thing…start planning our trek back for the August edition.