Callie Reiff is a new name that you’ll be wanting to get to yourself acquainted with quick. She first came into the spotlight with her official Nest HQ minimix, which showed off her adept abilities to bring forth an intense energy and mixing style that isn’t typically expected by a 16-year-old newcomer such as a herself. However, built with her unwavering ambition to deliver her best, Callie Reiff has continuously proven herself again and again in both her prolific music production and relentless style behind the decks. Her past releases “Sonic Distortion” and “Like Dis” with C&T were both released on Audiophile XXL, and her more recent collaboration with Dapp on “Wobble” came out on A-Track’s Fool’s Gold Records.

Now, returning once again to the renowned NEST HQ label, Callie Reiff has joined forces with NYC-based producer Ronaissance for their ambitious new single, “Tin Machine.” This new creation is fueled with haunting synth stabs, etching bass lines, and metallic percussion that lead into a drum n’ bass drop of epic proportions. With more music on the way, you can expect Callie’s name to be making an appearance more often than not this summer as she continuous to rise through the ranks of today’s biggest artists.

Check out “Tin Machine” below and grab your download here.