Traveling to a festival on your own or alongside your SO can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You get a chance to learn more about yourself, experience new cultures, and meet amazing people along the way. With that said, traveling on your own does have barriers, affordability being one of the major ones…

Everyone knows that EDC Las Vegas is one of the biggest and most iconic EDM festivals in the world, but what nobody likes to talk about is how pricey traveling to the festival can be.

This is especially true if you are planning to attend on your own or as a couple. Instead of splitting a room with other people, you end up fronting the same cost on your own, and that alone could crush your hopes of making it to EDC.

Thankfully there is a solution that makes traveling to festivals solo or as a couple MUCH easier and WAY more affordable, along with veriety of Vegas loyalty programs.

Enter the Unity Travel Solo-Traveler Program©

Just because you are traveling on your own doesn’t mean you have to be alone! The Solo-Traveler package is setup for individuals and couples who want to split a room with other individuals or another couple. You pay a significantly reduced rate for the room and they will pair you up with other solo travelers.

Using this service gives festival travelers an opportunity to save TONS on their room cost and meet other like-minded solo travelers! Unity pairs travelers up based on age and musical interest OR you can find group mates through the EDM Solo Traveler group on Facebook.

Unity Travel has been a major innovator in festival travel industry since 2011. They are officially partnered with festivals all over the United States and even Panama City.

“We strive to be more than a hotel booking site, we want to provide unique services that help festival fans experience new events and places! The Solo Traveler plan is one of the ways we hope to make that possible for more people.” -Chris (Co-Owner, Unity Travel)

“Great company. Great people. They made my EDC Las Vegas experience better than I could have imagined! Definitely booking with these guys from here on out!” – Rob (Customer, Unity.Travel)


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