Another album, another Tiga interview? “Part One: Desks”

Presenting us with his usual case of celebrity satire and witty charm, the one and only Tiga, known to his friends as James Sontag, brings us an interview full of answers some might never expect, while others who know anything of this cunning superstar’s demeanor might be less then surprised. Nonetheless, Tiga never disappoints.

With the recent release of Tiga’s new album, No Fantasy Required on Counter Records, we’re given another glimpse into Sontag’s mindset when dealing with the creation of the album and what it means to him in the year 2016. When asked what was different about his new album Sontag says, “Less Craft, Less Talent, Less Skill, Less Time, More Truth, More Words, More Me”

It’s one of the ultimate forms of creativity that I’ve seen from the Canadian born over the past decade. In a world filled with drone-like interviews where the interviewer probably can’t define the word “unique”, its nice to finally get a taste of something fresh and exciting. It’s as spectacular to me as the one we saw from Tiga 7 years ago with the first installment in his awesome video series, Ciao! Means Forever.

While vouching to detach his life from the digital landscape, we get to witness one last virtual insight into the mind dimension of Tiga himself.