The 17 year old Australian native, Swell, has produced a subtle, down tempo turned banger remix of Madeintoyo’s “Uber Everywhere.” Swell has caught a lot of buzz the past year due to his critically acclaimed originals and acquiring support from Pigeons & Planes; making Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50 list might have helped too.

Taking the original track’s intro vocals, but putting a slower beat on top of them, the remix opens up with a cruise down Figueroa vibe. He adds some electric guitar synths, electronic drum beats and an almost aquatic sound in the chorus which adds to the overall “chill” of the remix. The second chorus features a nice breakdown with some hi hat sounds that really cut the remix into a distinct but clever sound. As Swell notes himself the track is filled with “melodies from heaven” and I can attest to that. Overall, Swell does a super swell job on this remix and it underscores his unique sound and incorporation of melodic instrumentals.

Check out the remix and more of Swell below.

TW // SC