On a beautiful Texas Saturday, with the sun shining over head and the wind whistling its gentle tune, I headed to the Texas Motor Speedway for Something Wonderful 2016. Indeed, it was just that.

First and foremost, I want to give a huge thanks to disco Donnie Presents, Nightculture, and Full Access, because despite previous cancellations at Something Wicked due to inclement weather in Houston, they kept festival attendees eager to hit Something Wonderful and we were blessed with perfect weather at the TMS. They never gave up on their fans, and delivered an amazing festival experience.

As soon as I made my onto the festival grounds, I hit Prince Fox at Ascension main stage. He played “I don’t Wanna Love You” and hit some fun remixes of songs like “Get Low” in addition to performing his new single that that he’s working on while Facetiming the vocalist on the single during his live set. It was a nice opening to the beginning of my day. Next, I hit the Wicked’s Gate stage to check out Illenium on the recommendation of a good friend. I can say I was happily surprised with the quality of his melodic set. It was really nice to have a sweet, chiller, set take place at Something Wonderful because melodic house music is usually only something I listen to on my own accord. But Illenium worked carefully and performed a fantastic set that left me with an air of confidence and bliss. That being said, I had to stay for the trap all stars Milo & Otis. They seriously kicked the bass into my chest and I think it’s still reverberating inside me to this day. They’re a casual duo, who love to get hyped up and play good music. They also debuted a new single they had been working on.

As soon as they finished, I made my way back to the Ascension Main Stage where I spent the rest of my night. I caught the end of Sam Feldt’s set and was eager to hear TJR. He’s been one of my all time favorite DJs since I was a kid, and when TJR released “Ode To Oi” back in 2012, I knew I was going to keep seeing him for a long time. His notorious antics for the big, bouncy, and wild spilled out all over the stage during his set. Did I mention The Ascension stage was ridiculously big and incredibly well equipped? The amount of lights, CO2 cannons, and flames that were readily available was astounding. TJR used them to his full advantage to keep the crowd dancing, vibin’, and groovin’.

After all of the sweat had left my body, I went to the free water station courtesy of Something Wonderful to re-hydrate and prepare for Keys N Krates. Known for their live musical performances, the trio wove their live drum kits and live mixing into a serious performance of quality and class. Then it was time for the big guns to come out to play. The one and only Tiësto, brought the house down with an insane performance. He played all the big hits, brought out some dope remixes, and finished his act to the sounds of a roaring crowd and the explosions of fireworks. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

I had a splendid adventure at the Texas Motor Speedway at Something Wonderful 2016. Festivals bring out the best in strangers and always spawn new friendships lined with a love for music, international discourse and good times. Something Wonderful cultivated all of that and more. Until next time!

Check out the news on Something Wicked 2016 this coming Halloween weekend in Houston, Texas.

PC: Scott Fischer