The Lucent Dossier Experience is a piece of vivid performance art that luckily for everyone who attends Coachella, found a home in the deserts of Indio. Typically a mainstay at the Do Lab, this year was the first that Lucent Dossier branched out, headlining the Sahara Stage on Day One of Coachella.

The experience combines 3D LED technology with live performers on stage, and it speaks miles of their talent that in the middle of a festival focused more on music than other art forms, they commanded one of the biggest stages as a headliner. The performance was defined by acrobats and a live instruments and a vision for a new kind of show. The performance is self described as an “augmented reality”,  giving festival-goers the experience they try to achieve through other means.

Below is a clip of the experience entitled “Violin Song”, let us know what you think.