Lightning in a Bottle is one of those festivals you simply can’t miss.

Coachella who? If you’ve grown tired of the excessive crowds and their obsessions with selfie sticks and Instagram likes at the Indio extravaganza, then the Lightning in a Bottle Festival run by the infamous Do Lab should satiate your hunger for dancing under desert stars.

Taking place May 25-30th in Bradbury, CA, the festival has become one of the most iconic, yet intimate festivals around. While the lineup is what typically generates the most buzz for a festival, the actual experience is heavily reliant on the community created by other attendees as well as the organizers. Whether it’s art installations, a speaker series, or other ongoing activities, atmosphere ties together the overall experience, making a festival feel like a world of its own.

This year the LIB Immersive Area lineup features a plethora of options. We’ve got the Jive Joint: a colorful New Orleans-style creation produced by Super Tall Paul. Dancing, magic, juggling, comedy and improv are all fair game at this carnival stage. For the spiritual crowd, there’s the Gong Sanctuary with Danny Goldberg and Guy Douglas, a space built around gongs, chimes and singing bowls, often thought by students of Confucianism and Pythagoras to aid meditation and to “tune the soul.” One of my personal favorites is the Black Rock Observatory which features two 21-foot domes housing a 20” telescope for nighttime viewing, as well as solar telescopes for looking at the sun during the day.

The LIB also includes the Giggle Juice Cafe at the Lost Hotel, Amori’s Casino and Burlesque, and the Highlove Vitality Elixer Lounge to provide refreshments in a wide range of atmospheres. Additionally, if you shell out enough money for the Early Arrival, you’ll even get first access to an abundance of one-of-a-kind art installations by the likes of internationally celebrated artists such as Hoodie and Natural Dreamweaver, as well as the kick-off Cacao Ceremony at the Temple of Consciousness or the ancient Mayan rituals at the Temescal Lodge.

If you’re looking for a one of kind mystical experience and a real community of festival-goers, Lightning in a Bottle is for you. Get your tickets now and don’t miss out on a chance to get your feet dusty to some truly ethereal beats! To learn more about the upcoming festival, be sure to visit their website.