Since 2008 Gramatik has released albums with a constantly evolving sound, from hip hop to glitch hop to dubstep.

His latest release “Epigram” featuring Raekwon, ProbCause and more is no different.

The way Gramatik produces is oddly reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem, not so much in the style of their music but in how they create it. Both Gramatik and LCD break boundaries and in the most simple of terms, do whatever the hell they want. On 4/20, a month after the release of “Epigram”, Gramatik saw fit to grace us with a free bundle of the album with the addition of album art, remixes, and videos. All packaged very nicely in a BitTorrent bundle for our convenience. Gramatik has a history of championing the cause of free file sharing and he doesn’t appear to be backing away from that any time soon. Check out the bundle for download here and give the album a listen in full below!

Gramatik: F | S | T