In the midst of his world tour, we were fortunate enough to catch up with Claptone, and he’s a real ‘Charmer’ (album pun). After his breathtaking Coachella performance and groovy surprise Do LaB set, more and more viewers have been asking: Who is Claptone? While this character remains in the shadows, his music continues to soar into top rankings on Beatport, Itunes, and Spotify.


We’ve got answers and a whole lot more for you in this exclusive Electric Sloth interview with Claptone:

ELECTRIC SLOTH: “So, Claptone, the man behind the mask. Tell us about the mask and your identity”

CLAPTONE: “My face is a mask. A golden venetian mask.”

ES: “I know you are from Berlin like many similar artists of your genre, tell us how the city has influenced your identity.”

CLAPTONE: “Berlin is my home for now. Of course there is a lot of creativity here which is very inspiring, but it’s not only the music. There are a lot of arts, photography, and history that defines Berlin. It is part of my DNA, it is part of my sound.”

ES: “Do you have a favorite club you like to play at in Berlin?”

CLAPTONE: “No. The Beautiful thing about Berlin is that there is so much variety. There are so many clubs that everyone will be able to find their style of music.

ES: “We know this was your first time playing Coachella, a festival that we like to call home, tell us about your experience and how that may compare to other festivals you have played at.”

CLAPTONE: “Coachella was dope, I loved it. It’s an amazing festival with brilliant stage production and very clean compared to the festivals I have played in Europe.”

ES: “On Saturday morning of Coachella weekend 2, we received word that you were playing a surprise set at the Do LaB, tell us how you got that spot and how the Do LaB performance differed from your Sahara tent performance.”

CLAPTONE: “I was contacted the day before and of course I was interested. The Sahara tent at Coachella featured Claptone Immortal Live, which consists of live music and visuals to create the Claptone concert experience. At the Do LaB, I played a regular club DJ set.”

ES: “You are the most consistent artist on the market that releases mixes, or what you like to call, ‘CLAPCASTS’. Your most recent is CLAPCAST #39, tell us how these influence your song choice and live mixing.”

CLAPTONE: “I have to listen to new music and I love it because I DJ a lot and it gets boring to play the same songs every night. The CLAPCASTS give me an opportunity to listen to a lot of different music and pick my favorites and some will end up in my DJ sets. It’s a good tool to keep me in touch with the music.”


ES: “A few years back you released your hit single ‘No Eyes’ that really solidified your position as a producer, now it is featured on your album ‘Charmer’. Has this album always been a long-term project of yours?”

CLAPTONE: “The success with ‘No Eyes’ gave me confidence in writing more vocal tracks and this was a stepping-stone for me to write the album ‘Charmer’. Although this track may seem old to those who have been with Claptone since the beginning, but without this track there would be no ‘Charmer’ album so it shows how important it is to me.”

ES: “Because you just finished the album are you taking a break on producing and focusing on your tour at the moment?”

CLAPTONE: No I never focus. It comes as it is. It comes if it feels right. While on tour I don’t have a lot of energy to produce but I do love remixing, it’s always fun to listen to a song and see where I can change different parts. When producing my own music, I am a perfectionist. But with remixing, as long as I like the basic idea of it I can transform it into something great.”

ES: “So I know that you are trying to remain anonymous, how does that work work in terms of collaborating with other producers?”

CLAPTONE: “It’s a no-go. I work with other vocalists because there are so many amazing ones out there. I don’t think the worlds of Claptone and the worlds of any other producer will mix very easily. Most likely not at all. It has to be a natural match. Maybe David Guetta asks me one day and it will work.”

ES: “What’s next for you Claptone?”

CLAPTONE: “Soon I will be releasing the remixes to ‘Heartbeat’. In the next few months be on the lookout for a few more remixes and tour dates.”


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