Entering the grounds on the second day of the Coachella Valley Music and Art’s Festival is generally a bit more of a struggle than day one…

Spending over eight hours on the Indio Polo Grounds means your body is just about at total exhaustion the next day. But it just makes it all the more worthwhile!

Deciding to start off our afternoon in the Sahara tent with Hawaiian legend Mr. Carmack was one of the better calls we made all weekend. Having seen him play for 15 people three years before, it was incredible to see the Sahara tent as full as it was. It was our first time entering the Sahara tent all weekend but we quickly realized that Goldenvoice and the Coachella team had stepped up their game once again with their incredible stage production. After getting our dose of Trap for the weekend, we once again made our way over to James Murphy-land, otherwise known as Despacio.

As we approached, we noticed rows and rows of make shift fencing set up to corral lines of people that were (at that time) non-existant. Immediately we could tell security was extremely bored as the guy at the door was amusing himself by pranking Despacio goers. Having seen him try and pretend that the group before us couldn’t enter, we called him out as he tried to play the same joke on us. After being let in, we were absolutely blown away. The fact that this “tent” resembled a dark European club, with black and white checkered tile floors sprawled under a huge disco ball wasn’t even the biggest accomplishment. I’d say the fact that this entire set-up was made possible on polo grounds in a California desert was the real feat they had to overcome. The entire concept behind Despacio really moved me. Murphy and 2manydjs’ goal was to mimic an environment before DJ’s were the focus of the club. They wanted to bring us back to the times when it was all about grooving and dancing with the people around you. Having the DJ booth hidden along the left-most side of the “tent” was perfect, as it allowed for ample dancing room and no distractions. Despacio was incredible and if you didn’t go, you missed out. Check out Panorama Festival in New York City and see it for yourself. David, I’m talking to you.


The Arcs performing with Josh Walsh and Glen Schwartz

Next up on our agenda was a little band called The Arcs. Led by Black Key’s guitarist Dan Auerbach, the band continues to out do themselves (this was our 3rd time seeing them, we caught their San Diego show the week prior and then the week following Coachella too). Complete with female Mariachi vocalists, Auerbach and the band were joined by legends Joe Walsh and Glenn Schwartz for the end of the set. Seeing the three of them jam on the guitars made me wish I picked up an instrument when I was younger. There was even one point during the set where Auerbach stepped back and let the two legends jam side by side. What a start to our night!


Snoop Dogg joins Ice Cube’s on Main Stage

Heading over to the Main stage to catch Ice Cube, we managed to just be in ear shot as we heard Cube yell “Lets do this shit!” Meanwhile red hot lava pulsated on the LED screens behind him. Clad in all white apparel, the rapper shouted out lyrics that almost seemed borderline inappropriate even to our generation. While the set was undoubtedly good, it was interesting to see how Hip-Hop lyrics have changed over the years. After a few more old school tracks with both DJ Yella & MC Ren, Snoop Dogg joined Cube on stage (bathrobe and all). The two dropped classic West Coast tracks, but the set just didn’t feel complete without Dr. Dre. Cube was later joined by Common before ending his set.


Pantyraid playing the Do LaB

Pantyraid was last on our list of important artists for Day 2 of Coachella, and they did not disappoint. We ensured we were there from start to finish for their Do LaB performance. Having wanted to see the group since 2012 but never had the chance (even with this as my job) we were extremely excited. Before we could bask in the moment and realize the time had come, the crowd went into an uproar as the legendary duo comprised of South Africa’s MartyParty and The Glitch Mob’s, Ooah took to the stage. Without a moment’s hesitation they kicked off what we would soon realize to be quite the masterpiece. From unheard of remixes to several bangers off the highly anticipated “After Glow” EP they kept us jaw-drooped and in (oh)Ahh.

Stay tuned for Day Tres!


Photos: Billboard, Coachella