This past January The BPM Festival 2016 saw over 70,000 people from 72 countries play in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Now, The BPM Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary next January 6-15, 2017.

Situated at the top of the international festival circuit, The BPM Festival crafted 10 extraordinary days that featured over 430 artists and more than 80 showcases from the world’s best and most dedicated emerging techno and house music labels. If you missed our time there, you can check it out RIGHT HERE. Beyond its amazing music and festival vibe, they garnered nominations for an International Dance Music Award, Best Music Event for the third year in a row, and Festival of the Year at the first ever Electronic Music Awards & Foundation. Every year The BPM Festival continues to innovate and reach new heights. They tackle the music world with an incredible knack for creating new series and sounds. For instance, this past 2016 The BPM Festival embraced an all new Jungle venue, complete with multiple stages and heavy hitter lineups. So, we look forward to the return of Ya’ah Muul in 2017 with an even fresher twist.

Growing from its original concept of “Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians” The BPM Festival has evolved from a small gathering of 5,000 attendees to one of the largest global festivals. The festival promises to be bigger and better next year, bringing together the best global underground music talent, nonstop dancing and endless adventures.

To quote Adam Beyer, “What BPM stands for is quality music. There’s no EDM, none of that rubbish, it’s just a lot of good DJs. It’s an amazing lineup with several hundred names and it’s only the good stuff.”

DO NOT. I repeat. DO NOT, miss out on this 10 year gala celebration.

Connect with The BPM Festival and check out their 2016 Thank You video below.

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