With the third release of his Nuit Profonde podcast, Travor has once again delivered a chilled out experience. Titled, “Nuit Profonde 003” the mix runs just a little over one and a half hours.

The beginning of the mix is a simple slow beginning. Travor lays the foundation for his tracks and gets an atmosphere settled in. But once the mix hits about half an hour in, the vibes quickly change from a relaxed tone to a dancey deep house one. He picks up the momentum and keeps it throughout the mix, only slowing it down towards the end to give us a relaxed sensation and quality of calm to address the mix journey we’ve just been through. Travor incorporated the likes of Jaccuzi Boys, DJ Sprinkles, John Tejada and several others to administer a variety of sounds within the mix. For his third installment, this could be Travor’s best mix yet.

Let us know what you think of the mix below.