PANTyRAid felt as though bombarding us with the best news ever all at once was the best approach…and they were right.

For the dynamic duo of Marty Party and Ooah, aka PANTyRAiD, it’s not about how they can Get The Money. At this point we are sure they have No Self Control and clearly struggle Keeping Secrets.

For PANTyRAiD, the Music is Not Over. And the last thing the we are feeling is Upset.

Upon learning of the rebirth and rise of two of EDM’s most prominent producers, after a few years, it is safe to say there was quite the uproar. Also, for those of you that didn’t pick up on my clever intro…every italicized word is one of their songs. (I know so punny of me)

“We love to make sexy dance music – thats what we do – we make “make out” music – “stay in bed” music – music to express your sexual energy” – PANTyRAiD

Where to start…Okay so April 29th, essentially Christmas day in the Spring time, is the day we are blessed with the release of After Glow, the highly anticipated album that clearly has had immense amounts of work put into it. For those of us that are too eager to sit still…fear not for in the wake of all this madness they dropped a single off the album called “Wanting Moves.” Needless to say the newest track released by them has been on constant repeat with a hard-hitting baselines and the special attributes and unique synths and sounds that give the oh so familiar PANTyRAiD touch they have coined over the years.

On top of a new album and a new song, which they felt wasn’t enough of a gift, they announced the After Glow Tour. This tour will kick off at the Do Lab Stage At Coachella Weekend 1 (I could not have prayed for a more insane surprise) and continue all the way into late October, with more dates TBA.  They will be making stops all across the US, from prominent venues to massive festivals. If you have been with PANTyRAiD from the beginning then no convincing needs to be done, but for those who have yet to experience their music or a live show (myself included) be SURE to take a dive into their SoundCloud.  Listen to it all and prepare for the madness that is about to emerge from the depths of the studio darkness.

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