Nuuxs, the French born female artist who combines live instrumentation with the digital, has just released her debut single, “Holy Man.” And, holy $#@!, it’s amazing.

So I’m scrolling through the new music portion of my Spotify, and I see this little maple leaf pop up with bright colors. Intrigued immediately, I decided to give the song a shot. I expected just about nothing, given most of the new music I try to find on Spotify is usually horrendous, but this time I have found myself happily in love with Nuuxs. She draws influence form hip-hop, R&B, soul, Tarantino (one of my favorite directors) and has a voice that’s strangely tantalizing. Her songwriting is superb, with lyrics like “Come on ’cause we’re breaking bread, like the walking dead, have you risen yet?” and “Only you have the killer within, only you mark your heart from the sin.” So far, I’ve played this song 18 times and still counting as I write this – and that’s just on Spotify.

After some quick and careful Google searches, I found Nuuxs’ “Holy Man” music video directed by Tom J Cronin. Let me tell you, this music video is insanely well done. Beyond the quality of the music, the cinematic choices and content deeply reflect the profound lyrics professed in Nuuxs’ “Holy Man” track. She draws heavily from her personal experiences, and you can tell that her and Tom worked diligently to create a video that reflects her and his artistic expressions.

Here’s the crazy part about all of this. Her video has only garnered 1,000 views and her SoundCloud has 12 followers. Now that I’m her most avid fan, I’m genuinely pissed off. She deserves more views not just on her video, but on every social medium that she operates on. Hence, readers, why I’m sharing this incredible track and video with you today. Normally, I don’t tend to shove new music down someone’s throat unless I feel very strongly about the artist and their quality. This, ladies and gentleman, is one of those times. Do not pass up this song or this artist. I sense big things ahead for Nuuxs, but we’ll just have to pray that our “Holy Man” sees her through to stardom.

Check Nuuxs video out below.

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