One of the biggest issues in today’s festival scene is the build up of trash and camping accessories that are left behind and litter the event grounds, leaving festival organizers to put forth a massive effort to clean up after attendees. If it weren’t for these tedious efforts, festivals would not be allowed to return year after year to the same grounds that many people enjoy their best festival experiences on. To combat this problem, Mysteryland USA is encompassing the ideals of the infamous ’69 Woodstock to sustain the festival grounds and bring attention to the event’s surroundings and community . You can expect a number of various eco-centric efforts to be in place at this year’s festival happening in Bethel Woods, New York through June 10-13th.

Shuttles and Carpool

In order to reduce the carbon footprint and trafficl, Mysteryland organizers have set up a shuttle service to convenience those who are traveling each day from New York City’s Grand Central Station, LaGuardia Airport, JFK Airport, Albany and Newark International Liberty Airport. The festival is also supporting carpooling this year by offering a ride sharing option through as well as encouraging attendees with MLUSA merch and prizes if they arrive in a vehicle with four or more people.

Green Teams & Camping Recycling Program

For the first time at Mysteryland USA, the event will be creating a ‘Green Team’ to assist in the continuous clean up effort throughout the weekend by picking up and separating garbage. Attendees will also be given garbage and recycle bags for on-site campers and will be organizing a raffle for campers who drop off their bags at the various garbage collection points. When the festival is over, teams will be scouring the grounds for left-over tents and usable camping supplies to donate to local charities. These efforts support the sustainable behavior of attendees, as well as further reduce landfill waste and keep the festival grounds serene and green.

Vendor and Staff Efforts

Food and beverage vendors are now required to serve their goods in biodegradable plates, cups, and utensils, lessening the impact on the environment and keeping more waste out of landfills. Mysteryland staff can also be found getting around the festival with bicycles this year in order to avoid carbon emissions and preserve the land.

Water Project

ID&T will be bringing back their ‘Water Project’ to provide patrons with free tap water within the festival and the campgrounds. Not only will there be water refill stations around the grounds, but attendees can also buy re-usable branded water bottles so that festival-goers can avoid the continuous use of plastic water bottles.

Lastly, when the festival finally comes to the end, supporters and volunteers will be making a special effort to re-seed and eradicate the festival’s footprint, bringing the gorgeous ground of Mysteryland back to its natural state.

With just a few months to go until Mysteryland opens its doors in May, make sure to get your tickets here now!

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