With the release of their brand new single, “Best Thing,” featuring vocalist Gavrielle, Indie dance producers and Hype Machine darlings Louis Vivet are making waves in the EDM community. Debuting after their string of #1 Hype Machine remixes and originals, Louis Vivet has delivered their best production yet, taking their signature sound to unprecedented new levels.

Out today, April 15th, on Thrive Music, “Best Thing” showcases Louis Vivet’s extraordinary ability at making music. It’s a great piece for a few reasons, namely Gavrielle’s savory voice and the fresh beat that gets laid down on the track which can only be described as a mix between house, indie dance, and electronica. Louis Vivet were the winners of the Insomniac Discovery Project in 2014, who at the time were just two guys who attended USC and Icon Collective in Los Angeles. Because of their amazing remixes for artists including Phoebe Ryan and Gallant’s “Weight in Gold” they have continued to maintain and grow themselves as part of the EDM elite. One of their unique aspects as music producers is their step away from the traditional EDM sound into a more instument based style. Their notoriously exciting – and normally sold out – live shows feature that mixture of live instrumentation and DJ skills.

Check out “Best Thing” on Spotify and connect with Louis Vivet below.

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