Lightning in a Bottle 2016 continues to deliver beyond expectation. Do LaB has just unveiled the full lineup for the Grand Artique’s famed Frontierville – an ode to the rompin’ and ragin’ days of yore – alongside the plethora of immersive micro environments that can be found at this year’s gathering.

VKCE, Whilk & Misky, Dirtwire, Pimps of Joytime, NoMBe, Jeremy Sole and plenty of others have all been confirmed as some of this year’s musical acts at the newly revamped Mission Stage, formerly know as the Grand Artique’s Live Music Stage. Beyond the Grand Artique’s vintage portal between the Temple of Consciousness and The Village, LIB explorers will find themselves at the Jive Joint. An interactive art installation that is designed to exude French Quarter vibes, the Jive Joint will groove out with funk, jazz, and soul tunes produced by Super Tall Paul‘s legendary on the spot musical looping. Attendees will also find themselves at the Amori’s Casino & Burlesque, a sexy, sensual experience featuring live cabaret, gaming, bands, DJs, and other shenanigans. Feeling a bit lively? Then you can check out the Giggle Juice Cafe at the Lost Hotel, a unique oasis for the body and mind with a full-service restaurant, juice bar, and even an option to stay the night. Moreover, don’t miss out on all the pop-up dinners that will serve multi-course meals from Italian to Vegan, because who doesn’t love great food?

Check out the Grand Artique Full Music Lineup below, and connect with Lightning in a Bottle 2016.

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2016 Grand Artique Full Music Lineup:

Pimps of Joytime – Whilk & Misky – Dirtwire – Jeremy Sole – VKCE (Vokab Kompany + Crush Effect – Diego’s Umbrella – Todo Mundo – NoMBe – W.C. Thornbrush & The Great American Show – Herbert Bail Orchestra – Lapa – Gene Evaro Jr. – Livingmore – Steven Roth – Bubble Gutter – Honey Larochelle – Moondog Matinee – Talia Keys – Miss Emmma & David Patrone – The Grand Artique Talent Show – Honeycomb – The Vibrometers – Francisco Fernandez & The Ferocious Few – Smoota – Carlo – Smoked Out Soul – Iconoclast Robot – Valley Queen – Father Bear – Love & The Zealous – Solar Sons – Blackwater Jukebox – Jazzy Fox – Iron Veil – Heart of Sound – DJ Ned Casual – Chris Brochu – Bootleg Sunshine – The Dank – The Kaygles – Well Well Well – Stagg – Spike McGuire – Those Folk