KOLAJ releases their catchy house anthem “The Touch”

As a self-proclaimed music savant, I like to think that there aren’t very many stellar tracks that slip through the cracks without appearing on my SoundCloud stream, Facebook feed, or having someone tell me about it, but somehow, this is the first time that I’m hearing “The Touch” by the LA-based indie dance duo, KOLAJ. The duo, which is composed of singer-songwriter Tessa Houston and producer “Mighty” Mike McGarity, has an unique sensibility to them, as Houston draws inspirations from her one-of-a-kind perspective of the world that is perfectly balanced by her producer counterpart.

“The Touch” showcases Houston and McGarity’s delicate balance between pop sensibility and left-leaning indie vibes, while still managing to maintain an impressive danceability. The tropical house-influenced production offers the perfect blank canvas for Houston’s stunning pop croons to paint a picture of young love. Check out the tune below, buy it on iTunes here, and see what the duo had to say abut the release.

“KOLAJ is a fusion of sound and culture,” Houston says. “Mike and I are like yin and yang musically. I felt the name had to do with the collage of my life because my background is really, really mixed up and complicated. It turned out to make a pretty unique picture.”

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