Coming from Rennes, France, Les Gordon has been rising through the dance music ranks for the past two years, securing standout opening spots for international artist Stromae in France’s Transmusicales festival as well as Madeon at the Parisian venue Le Trianon. His Atlas EP came out this past December on Kitsuné, accumulating over one million streams in less than two months after its release. The EP was Les Gordon’s latest offering that demonstrates his indie dance talents and masterful acoustic arpeggios.

To cement his rise, the young producer has announced a remix EP for his single “Atlas,” featuring the likes of Kidswaste, Dangla, Douchka, and Roisto. Standing out of the crowd, French producer Kidswaste brings the track’s upbeat atmosphere down a notch, infusing it with airy pulses and ghostly vocal chops. Take a listen and catch the full release of the Atlas remix EP.

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