Justin Jay and Friends go rock on “What Do You Want”

We’ve got three songs from Justin Jay’s forthcoming Fantastic Voyage album, and while each of them are distinctly different, there’s an innate groove that ties all of them, from “Weatherman,” to “What Do You Want,” together. The latest track from Justin Jay & Friends is “What Do You Want,” and while it is a noticeable step away from the underground sound that has come to define Justin Jay, it still packs a serious punch.

Joining forces with vocalist Josh Taylor and guitarist Benny Bridges again, Justin Jay & Friends have continued to push the envelope creatively, staying at least 3 steps ahead of everything else that is going on in dance music, and it’s paying off. “What Do You Want” is a beautiful indie-rock crossover into the underground world as the bright instruments and soothing vocals catch your attention before being dragged into a deep groove.

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