The creative, introversive, growing producer, Dreamers Delight, got together with us to share how he went from bedroom producer, to an international artist in just under a year. With his unique sound, Dreamers Delight’s music is bound to make you feel as if you’re exploring a whole other universe. As an artist we have watched amplify in adoration and much respect, we were very fortunate to have gotten to know him as an artist. Check out our interview below:

Electric Sloth: Your style of electronic music is so unique, what inspired you to create such a euphoric sound?

Dreamers Delight: When I started making music I was always interesting in making a very cinematic type of sound and that eventually evolved into becoming the euphoric sound I have today. My music is still progressing and i’m excited to keep moving my sound to new and undiscovered areas.

While working with Gramatik’s Lowtemp Records, how did working with the label help you grow as an artist?

Being signed with gramatiks lowtemp records has been a surreal experience. I luckily received a lot of support from gramatik and he really help push my first EP. The label has always been really supportive of all of my releases and its made me want to continue making the best music I can.

We notice you went from bedroom producer to an international artist in under a year, that’s incredible! How would you describe the influence the experience has had on your music?

I think a lot of my music is influenced by my travels and environment. Every place I visit brings a new sense of creativity to my production and its a clear reflection of my inspiration. I am always motivated to push my sound to new boundaries and work as hard as i can.

We saw that you also performed at Electric Forest last June, did playing that kind of experience change your perspective in any way with music and life overall?

Absolutely. I had been going to electric forest for the three previous years before and It was a dream come true to play there. It was a very surreal and special experience for me. After playing electric forest I really realized that anything was possible with this project and it gave me motivation to progress the project as much as possible.

Playing at Electric Forest’s Silent Disco, opened so many more opportunities for you to play throughout the festival. What was it like to have such a genuine, appreciative crowd come back for more? 

It felt incredibly to say the least. We had the silent disco packed out for both sets and each set was very special in its own way. I dont know if there is a better feeling than that.


Do you have anything new in store for your performance at the DoLab stage at Coachella this weekend? (Editor’s note: This interview was conducted before Dreamers Delight’s epic set at Coachella 2016. Check out some images from the set on his FB page, here!) 

Yes, ill be playing a ton of new music, some of which will be on my upcoming EP.

We are so stoked to see you on other festival lineups like Camp Bisco, Back Woods Festival, etc. What to you plan on doing to enhance the experience overall and with your music?

Just keep working as hard as I can and create new and original ideas. I’ve also been working on my visuals which will be featured at Bisco and Backwoods.

Check out his latest EP release below: