Bakermat and Marie Plassard once again come together to create an amazing track. Fresh off the release of “Games”, “Ballade” provides the listener with a new take on Bakermat showcasing his diversity as a musician. He strays away from the house feel of previous tracks and brings the listener on an ethereal journey. Plassard’s beautiful vocals drive this track but the warm piano chords and subtle plucks and percussion provided by Bakermat provide an equally important quality. By letting the vocals become the driving force the instrumentals take on the quality of a guiding hand allowing the listener to experience each layer as a whole.

The video Bakermat recently released accompanies his track perfectly. Blending the airy feel of the music with an entirely gray-scale environment containing strange dark imagery and disjointed seemingly random movements. He also keeps his protagonist centered in each frame throughout the video, an interesting choice that compliments the overall unorthodox vibe of the video. The visuals complete the eerie but hopeful feelings elicited by the track. Bakermat has outdone himself with this one and we can’t wait to see what he does next. Be sure to check out the video below and let us know what you think.