A New & Improved VIP Experience at EDC Las Vegas

The Electric Daisy Carnival has always been known as grand and very over-the-top, but it’s the promise of a wild, electrified extravaganza that keeps us coming back for more. Although a GA pass is usually enough to send your senses in a frenzy, Miranda Boyd of Vegas.com explains, “The average owl only sees the party from the ground.”

This year, the VIP treatment is better than anything offered in earlier installments. Of course, you can expect all the usual upgrades, including the exclusive entrance with no lineup, 360 degree views, private, air-conditioned bathrooms, chill zones and gourmet food, but this time around, Insomniac is spoiling its VIP crowd with more than what you can imagine. With shaved ice, craft cocktails and gastropub, a fresh juice bar called neonGarden, a wide selection of games, scavenger hunts and VIP headliners for the craziest sonic party you’ve ever attended, event organizers are prepared to astound festival goers in ways that they’ve never been before. For their “20 Years Under the Sky,” EDC encourage you to explore, engage, energize and enjoy everything at your disposal, all in all make the most out of the biggest summer strobe light party of the world.

Since that fateful summer back in 2011, the Insomniac production has been one of Vegas’ biggest attractions, drawing in more visitors every June. The introduction of EDC Las Vegas marked a new beginning for Sin City, which previously failed at being a suitable location for any music festival. As gaming profits continue to go down the drain due to online hubs providing a more authentic experience, showcasing the latest movie-themed slot games, casino operators are funneling more money into non gambling ventures, such as large scale music events and festival ground expansions, and essentially becoming accommodation partners for festivals like EDC. This shows that you can find action in Sin City way beyond the casino premises, nowadays.

VIP and GA tickets are available for purchase on the festival’s main website!