“We told you we’ve been hard at work. New Music, New Label, New Album.”

Quite possibly the best news to hear for all those loyal to the dynamic duo out of Toronto.  A few weeks back, DC and Hooks dropped their remix of “Red Light Green Light” by none other than the other member of the Toronto fam, Omar Linx. Since then there have been hints and whispers about what Zeds Dead has had in the works. One thing we knew for sure was a new album on the way….what we never could have expected was the start of their very own label, Deadbeats.

Could it really be any more fitting?? Rhetorical question…

On top of the announcement of a new label they dropped the brand new track “Back Home” featuring an insane collaboration with Freddie Gibbs. The sounds of Freddie combined with the mastermind production of DC and Hooks is nothing short of perfection. The song combines the hard hitting voice of Freddie with the trap-like beat beneath his flow.  As the song progresses it seems to take a more mellow role on behalf of Zeds Dead. Diversity amongst producers is what we love to see especially from two producers that started off with such heavy dubstep. Just because it does not have the signature Zeds Dead “drop”doesn’t mean this song isn’t a representation of exactly what the duo is about, which is creative productions combined with unique vocals that tell a story.

As an avid Zeds Dead fan from the beginning, I can personally say that this news is exactly what I’ve hoped would come to light sooner rather than later. While “Back Home” remains on repeat for the time being, we await more news from two of the best producers in the game. Of course, we hope to see the full album dropped very soon.

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