The long awaited follow up to the previous Slime Season and Slime Season 2 is finally here: Slime Season 3Young Thug’s release garnered attention at SXSW 2016 where he unveiled the release date by walking a casket down 6th street in Austin, Texas. Of course, this release indicates the end of the Slime Season series, Young Thug noted on his website that although it is the end of Slime Season, there will be “the birth of something new…HY!£UN35.” Check out his trailer for his upcoming 2016 tour.

But as for Slime Season 3, these are my thoughts. The opening track, “With Them” has a great synth and vibe to set the tone of the mixtape. While “Memo” is an easier going piece, but with lyrics that are a big stronger: “My big brother Bankroll told me I’m gon’ be the shit, nigga know they get the memo.” As well all know, Young Thug has been a source of inspiration for Kanye West, and plenty of others in the rap game, and he flaunts this attitude without hesitation. “Drippin'” is the typical opulent track, “I got ice baby fuck your jeweler” and “six golds in my mouth” are enough to get the point across. “Slime Shit” evokes a similar tone, “Bitch, I’m super rich” and “this that slime shit, we the slime, bitch.” Young Thug explained that the term “slime” is similar to “gangsta”, “grimy” or “repulsive” depending on the context and I think here we get all three connotations. “Digits” has seen the most plays, and most agree that it could be the best track on the release. “We ran up them digits we ran up some money” is a catchy, simple chorus phrase; so it’s easy to see why so many people are attracted to this song. “Worth It” is about Young Thug’s love for his fiancee, Jerrika Karlae and despite all of the difficulties of a relationship, he knows that “she worth it” and “if this is how I’m feelin’ it’s gonna work.” Of course, these affirmations of romance are juxtaposed with the undertones of sexuality most common in today’s rap spirit, “she get on top and ride it, kentucky derby” and “I can see it on her face that she gettin wet.” Next, we get “Tattoos” which is a track stating how Young Thug isn’t scared of anything, specifically if “one of these niggas gon’ try me” but “No I’m not fearing” because his “bitch got tattoos and piercings.” The mixtape closes with “Problem” where perhaps the most dynamic lyric is “I’m a demon, only see when dark” which could potentially play into the album cover art and explain why he is blinded. Either way, Young Thug knows that these “bitches in love with these slimers” and again restates how no matter what, he’ll take care of anybody who stands in his way: “He playing? I pop him like pop tarts.”

Overall, as a finale to the Slime Season I enjoyed the beats on each track but found myself less in love with the lyrics. Young Thug is who he is, and at times he’s indiscernible which I personally find bothersome. His lyrics are typical of the standard rap smith of today’s corporate world and I’d called it above average. That being said, he is getting praise from some of the top rap heads in the game, which makes me wonder what he’s doing or what he’s saying that makes him so worthy of all this praise. I think we have to wait on Young Thug even more to see what kind of releases he will create in the future. Slime Season 3 was good, but it wasn’t incredible by any means.



Review: Young Thug Releases Slime Season 3
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