Any fan of Coachella knows that the Do Lab is where it’s at.

Starting as a small side stage in the middle of the festival, to now having its own little corner, tucked away to let its weirdness be contained by the fences. The lineup for this year’s Do Lab at Coachella just dropped and it’s insane. It has names on it that make one consider going to this festival just for the Do Lab. Ranging from Big Wild, PANTyRAID, to Wave Racer first weekend, to Sam Gellaitry, Sweater Beats, and Autograf second weekend, this Do Lab is covering all grounds. I personally can’t wait to see what the people over at Do Lab have planned for this year. Will they bring back the Thunder stage? Maybe a whole new stage setup? Who knows! Who cares? It’s going to be dope no matter what. As long as they have those hoses spraying, and music playing. The full lineup is on the Do Lab’s event page right here.

For more Coachella 2016 info, check out their website by clicking here. And stay tuned as we get more Coachella info in the coming weeks, and return back to the desert to cover the event once again.

Do Lab social: F | T | SC | YT

Coachella social: F | T | YT