SBTRKT has always been an artist that you can look to for new and inventive ways to not only make and produce music, but also how to release it. Be his hit 2011 self titled album, his more mellow Wonder Where We Land from 2014, or his album of live transition songs released the same year, he is a true artist. With his brand new project, Save Yourself, which SBTRKT himself says is “not an album,” he reaches a new level in his art, and proves that he is still growing.

To start, Save Yourself is not only a music project, but a message – an artistic statement – and a reflection on his own career up until this point. Along with the the music, came This site allows listeners to read excerpts from SBTRKT explaining his meaning and production behind the songs, and a mission statement explaining just what this is all about. It’s not a new idea, but it is done differently. It shows SBTRKT’s extra effort which reinforces the meaning of the project: proving your art with art.

Here are some of my personal highlights from the album.¬†First, the instrumentals show a side of SBTRKT not seen since his “Ready, Set, Loop” days, and he hasn’t lost his touch one bit. The use of new collaborators really gave the album a novel tone, while holding the same old SBTRKT we know and love within his production style. My favorite piece off of the album is “LET THEM IN”. A crazy harsh instrumental full of distortion and brand new sounds to SBTRKT’s sound library. I would have liked to have seen Sampha a bit more on the project since his voice works so powerfully over SBTRKT’s beats. But it’s something you can’t really get mad about when it doesn’t happen.¬†They are two separate artists with their own careers, they aren’t bound to each other.

Overall this project is incredible and I recommend any SBTRKT fan to check it out and give it a few listens. It’s not a new SBTRKT, but a better one, and he’s ready to give the fans the music they all didn’t know they were waiting for.