It’s been 7 years in the making and Tiga is finally back with his new album: No Fantasy Required


Montreal born Tiga James Sontag has released his third studio album titled No Fantasy Required, on Counter Records. With 7 years since the release of his second album Ciao, it brings peace to my heart in knowing that he hasn’t fallen off the face of the planet, despite having had a hand in multiple releases throughout the last few years on his very own label Turbo Recordings, as well as being involved in multiple DJ residencies across the globe. Not a day goes by where I don’t catch myself dozing off to the sound of his seductive voice on the BBC6 radio show, “My Name is Tiga”. Through exercising a level of taste, class and hedonism that no man could ever match, is it not obvious that this album would be far from your typical staple good?


Tiga returns from the studio with the help of Jori Hulkonnen (Sontag’s longtime production partner) and Matthew Dear, along with various collaborations from the names of Hudson Mohawke, Paranoid London and Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters.

Including the previously released tracks: “Plush”, “Bugatti”, and “Don’t Break My Heart”, the album delivers a fresh slice of what Tiga and his gang have been brewing in the studio. In preparation for his new live show (US debut on March 23rd in NY), Sontag charges the stage sporting a fresh white getup and a stockpile of new material – which seems to pack a more danceable formula than we’ve previously seen on prior albums.

Listening to Tiga’s new album might make some people think about their own romantic failure, or sheer heartbreak, but with the help of Jake Shears awe inspiring voice, I find my heart throbbing once again. “Make Me Fall In Love”, brings the best of low frequency sub to guide you through what might be my favorite Tiga anthem to date.

Bringing another warehouse fitted acid track to the table, “Always”, is infused with a blend of Roland history, making use of the iconic 303 and 808 machines that Tiga knowingly has a love affair for. Paranoid London putting their trademarked acid splash to Tiga’s very own delectable chorus will have the dance floor churning, “feelin good, feelin right?”. Alongside the Hudson Mohawke collaboration “Planet E”, we find ourselves face to face with the two pulsating rave hits.

“3 Rules” might be my favorite track off of the album due to its usual non-sequitar Tiga nature. Guaranteeing a laugh and some non-stop movement for the tracks entirety, you can hear remnants of “Shoes” past.

“Having So Much Fun” and “Blondes Have More Fun” come off as a type of pop mockery in which Tiga rarely disappoints, or does without. This is something that I’ve always admired about his ridiculous personality. With influences like Bowie and Prince, we get glimpses of how Sontag’s own persona doesn’t fall far from the bunch and it becomes apparent as he continues to conduct audiences from the spotlight across the globe.


Photo: Fact Magazine

Never failing to harm his own integrity when it comes to pristine production, Tiga manages to output yet another fantastic album that makes you question the true intention of love itself. The most shocking surprise from the album is its amazing dance floor approval, as Sontag might have some fear of not hitting the commercial spotlight like his previous albums. Regardless, true Tiga fans will stand by as his third album heads to dance floors around the world for his new live act.

Upcoming tour dates can be found here.

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