Bad news for festival goers with tickets to this years Minus Zero Festival in Denver, CO.

Big bad Mother Nature is rolling in the exact weekend of April to unleash a winter storm. The Minus Zero Festival released a statement yesterday, announcing that the inclement weather was too much to go past pre-production stages, and that they are now in processes of finding new dates that will suit the acts and venue, most likely in the 2016/2017 ski season.

While this is a huge bummer for most fans, we here at Electric Sloth commend Minus Zero Festival for their effort to make sure their fans get the best experience possible.

This is in fact, not too long after the infamous TomorrowWorld blunder of 2015, where hundreds of attendees were left without campsites when a massive storm flooded the venue. We respect wanting to put on a show that won’t end in scandal, and we look forward to attending the festival, whenever that may be. Big ups for their integrity and keeping attendees safety and well-being first.

If you are a fan looking for additional information, please head to the Minus Zero Festival social pages that we’ve linked below. There you will find more information about what will happen in the future.

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