It’s that opening bass line that set the original tone for the song “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That)” by Digable Planets. LA based producer LondonBridge has given this track brand new energy with his bouncy house sound.  Starting with the infamous bass line sped up to a cool 124 BPM, the song immediately gets you grooving. The drum pattern reminds me of some early 2000s Italian Electro House, but it’s rap influences give the reminder that this is 2016 and people love their House and Hip-Hop all mixed together. This track is perfect for any party or festival really. I couldn’t imagine hearing this at a show and thinking anything but “Hell yes, I love this song.” Just a fun track from a Producer who has proven his talents again.

LondonBridge is making his rounds through Miami this week for Ultra Music Fest, playing at two different Buygore shows representing the Space Yacht crew. Both shows are on Sunday March 20th taking place at Heart Nightclub and The National. You can get all the information on these shows by clicking here and here.

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