Self proclaimed maker of “bubblegum trap beats,” Lil Yachty has released his first mixtape Lil Boat The Mixtape and it has already garnered over 10k views in under two hours. Lil Yachty tends to work alongside the producer Burberry Perry; they are a dynamic and different pair that produce interesting trap beats together.

Highlighting a few tracks from the mixtape, I love “Minnesota Remix,” “Not My Bro,” and “We Did It.” The reasons for my choices are simple: “Minnestoa Remix” has the best chorus and features Quavo’s recognizable voice, “Not My Bro” has a great beat, and “We Did It” is a strong finisher that pushes for positive vibes and fighting back against those who try to put you down. My honorable mention would have to be “Never Switch Up” which is just a relaxed, chill vibes piece.

Here’s my opinion on Lil Yachty’s success thus far: he’s an incredible young talent with a knack for hitting the millennial rap fans with the exact material that is demonstrative of their generation. He is a classic embodiment of what it means for the internet and all of its interesting and weird yearnings to come into musical fruition. His age and experiences with life thus far appeal to thousands, (actually millions) of young listeners globally. He’s a talent that will surely be reckoned with in the coming years. In fact, I’d predict that his sound is going to be the one that opens the flood gates to mainstream alt rap. But that’s just me. Make sure you check out Lil Yachty’s mixtape and follow his SoundCloud. Or, you can wait for his next Twitter video that will probably go viral, again.