Justin Jay was met with waves of praise last year after his successful Mom, I Graduated! world tour alongside a large number of well-received releases. With almost a full year out of college behind him, Justin has outdone himself time after time with every project he’s been involved in. Now the young producer has recently announced his latest undertaking, which seems to be his biggest project yet. A day before Justin Jay turned 23, he revealed his debut album Fantastic Voyage (The Album!), a new direction that has the artist taking a slightly different approach to his music. Songs from the album will be released weekly through a series of singles and EPs on several labels so that the tracks can be listened to independently. The album is meant to set a stage of exploration for Justin Jay that inspires the act of trying new things and stepping outside comfort zones.

The announcement has been coupled with the release of the first single off the album. “Weatherman” is a feel-good track from the collective Justin Jay & Friends featuring Justin Jay, Josh Taylor, Benny Bridges, and Henry Was. The venture first came into the spotlight last November with their first release “Karma,” which became an instant hit. Now their second release “Weatherman” stands as a perfect follow-up to their jam band meets house music affair. Have a listen and allow the track to take on you a journey with its bluesy guitar strums, reviving synths, and the sweet tenor of Josh Taylor’s velvety vocals.

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