Ultra Music’s rising electro-pop star, Julian Perretta, has released his brand new music video for his hit song “Miracle.” As France’s hottest artist right now, it’s a simple fact that “Miracle” has been sitting at the number one spot on the charts for the past few weeks.

The music video is beautiful. Stunning landscape panoramas engender a natural calm, and with Julian Perretta’s amazing vocals the scene becomes even more serene. Directed by Pascal Baillien, the video has a simple pastoral theme. Changing from the mountains of day light to the lake lit by an aurora borealis, the video is a picturesque journey. The narrative highlights the relationship between a man and a woman; although I couldn’t tell you what that relationship may entail, Perretta’s lyrics should be able to help you out.

Check out Julian Perretta’s music video for “Miracle” and follow him on Twitter as he continues to produce unique and musically mature tracks.