Virus Syndicate is one of the hottest grime and dubstep groups coming out of the U.K., or anywhere for that matter, right now. With their music videos racking up hundreds of thousands of views, and a new album just waiting to drop later this month, bass heads everywhere are bursting from anticipation. I had the good fortune of getting to sit down, at my desk, and open my laptop to talk to Nika D of the group, to discuss the new album, their live performances, music videos, and his superhero preferences.


Whats an average day in the life of a virus syndicate member?

Different everyday man, different everyday. The minute we wake up we’re in album mode so we’re shooting a lot of videos, we’re up till 5 in the morning editing the videos. Last night was our promo event, drinking till 2 in the morning. Today I’m feeling rough. But then when we start touring it’s airport, hotel, club, hotel, airport, hotel, everyday.

Out of all the members in the group, which one of you is most likely to get to the studio on time no matter what you guys did the night before?

Jay. He loves it man.

You’re not gonna give yourself the credit?

No way, I need my sleep man.

Are there any genres you ever see yourself dipping your toes into that you haven’t already?

Hmmm, I don’t know man. I kinda don’t see genres. Like if we hear something that we like, and think it’s sick, we just jump on it no matter what it is. On the new album there definitely is some guitar influences in there. I mean “Gimme the Mic” is like a mix of grime and dubstep. Then the next one which is “Chaos and Commotion”, we’re dropping in about two weeks. It’s quite trappy in a way. The next one is fucking different, more different than you’ve ever seen us.

It seems like you guys are really covering the spectrum on this new album.

Yeah, I think with the album we’re just trying to show different sides of ourselves. There’s a lot of layers in Virus Syndicate that I think people haven’t really seen. They’ve just seen the big hype stuff, but I think when you see the next video, you’ll see where I’m going with this conversation.

Is there a country that you have’t performed in that you would want to?



Australia, man. I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know why we haven’t been. I’m putting it out there.

Do you see any strong up and coming artists right now?

We just signed a guy named Dyno, he’s brilliant. His first video just dropped and he’s incredible, an incredible MC, incredible producer, he makes all his own beats, he’s sick.

Give me a motto that you live by.


Is that with a period or an exclamation point?

Just go. (laughs) We kind of always have this thing where if we want something to happen, it’s happening, one way or another. So just go and do it. Don’t look back, don’t look left, don’t look right, tunnel vision focus, it’s happening. Simple as that.

What’s your pre-show ritual?

I kinda get in a bit of a trance before we go on stage. You sorta start spitting bars like the ramblings of a mad man facing the wall, and then we come out and go mental for an hour.

So you just take energy in and then let it out on stage?

Ya you just gotta let it out, and the crowd helps as well.

So just on your live shows for a second, what’s your favorite live experience you’ve ever had?

There’s been a few. I think the first time we played at the Roxy theater in LA that was amazing. It was the first time we played in America, and playing Hollywood, it was like a kid’s dream. There was a queue down the street and we were like “How have we done this?” Also Glastonbury was mental.

Batman or Superman?

Aww Superman.

You don’t see Bruce Wayne pulling through?

Nah man, Superman. He can fly at the speed of a bullet. He would just zap Batman with his eyes. What is Batman gonna do with his shitty suit? He’ll rip that suit off him, and then fly him into space. Then what’s he gonna do? He’s gonna leave him on the moon. No one’s gonna come and get you, Batman.

Any final words you want to leave me with?

I just want to say to all the readers, big ups to everyone who’s supporting what we’ve been doing for the past few years, and this new album I think is the best thing we’ve done ever. I’m really really proud of it, and I hope everyone else likes it. It’s out February 29th.


I highly suggest checking out all the single that Virus Syndicate has released for their upcoming album “Symptomatic” which drops February 29th. Also be sure to check out their newest music video which I just so happened to cover, and you can check out right here.

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