Gramatik has been a mainstay in the electronic industry for well over a decade now.

Mentioned regularly in the same breath as true legends of the industry — including Pretty Lights and Bassnectar — Gramatik has consistently released amazing tune after amazing tune. He is easily one of those artists that you really struggle in finding a single bad track.

In the two years since he released his critically acclaimed album “Age of Reason,” Gramatik is back into the spotlight with his March 25 release of Epigram.

Staying true to that funky, soulful, hip-hop sound that we have all come to know and love, this album is no different from his previous releases. Considering the success of his past works, more of that is never a bad thing. We were able to get our hands on the album early, and here’s what we think about it, track by track:

  1. “Tempus Illusio (Intro)” – While this is only an intro track, Denis is able to get us amped up for what’s to come with a truly out of this world sound that almost sounds like it could have come from another planet. Rating: 9/10
  2. “Satoshi Nakamoto” Feat. Adrian Lau & ProbCause – This track opens with some of those funky horns that only Gramatik knows how to use so well. Once the beat drops, we are introduced to a ridiculous verse from newcomer Adrian Lau, but damn does he bring it. He flows so well over the beat that Denis lays down, that he has officially put himself on our radar for the future. Coming in after that, ProbCause steps in and delivers a verse just as great as the one before it. This isn’t his first track with Gramatik though, as their recent collab track, “Back to the Future” (also on this album,) showed us what we were in for with this one, and it doesn’t disappoint at all. In true Gramatik style, he closes out the track with a blues guitar sound and some more of those funky horns that make us wanting more. Rating: 9/10
  3. “War of the Currents” – His first solo track on the album opens with a relatively mellow piano tune followed by a massive buildup that leads us into a completely unexpected drop. On this track more than any other, Denis brings it with his crazy synths and crisp sounds that are truly unique to his style. The second half brings in more wild sounds and the vocal track he uses really takes the track over the top. Rating: 8/10
  4. “Native Son” Feat. Raekwon & Orlando Napier – This track opens with some of those soulful beats that, in my opinion, set Denis apart from the rest of the industry. Orlando Napier delivers a hook that makes your head bob out of control and sets the stage for the rest of the song.  Featuring Wu-Tang member, Raekwon, it almost sounds like Gramatik made this beat with the former Wu-Tang front mans voice in mind to lay down a hugely impressive verse over it. Rating: 9.5/10
  5. “Native Son Prequel” Feat. Orlando Napier – That last track was always gonna be hard to top, but somehow he manages to raise the bar even higher with this one. Orlando Napier is back with a voice that perfectly fits the Gramatik sound, and it’s almost like these two were made to make music with each other. The instruments featured in this track are perfect and the tempo is completely on point. Rating: 10/10
  6. “Room 3327” – Slowing it down again, this track sounds like something straight out of an epic scene in an action movie. His use of instruments is once again completely perfect, and is a flawless set up for his next track. Rating: 7.5/10
  7. “Eat Liver!” Feat. Laibach – When I first saw the name for this track, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and then when I started listening, he really couldn’t have named it anything else. Laibach was a perfect feature for this beat, and the sound design is oh so good. The second half of this song gets a little crazy with one of those insane drops that we have come to expect from Denis, with the lyrics taking us all the way to the end. Rating: 8/10
  8. “Back to the Future” Feat. ProbCause- This track has been out for a long time, but it’s still a nice reminder that it’s around and gives huge props to ProbCause that it’s featured on his own album DRIFTERS and on the new Gramatik album. It’s totally deserved to be on both as well. These two artist’s sounds complement each other perfectly. Rating: 9/10
  9. “Corporate Demons” Feat. Luxas – This track sounds like it belongs in Tron. Awesome synths and great buildups followed by crazy drops really brings me back to my days of listening to Daft Punk, (which is never a bad thing). He keeps it unique to his style without sounding too Tron-y, which actually works really well for him here. Rating: 8/10
  10. “Anima Mundi” Feat. Russ Liquid – I’m gonna be honest, when I saw this tracklist, it was really hard for me to not skip to this track and listen to it immediately. Russ Liquid and Gramatik is a match made in heaven in my eyes, and they do not disappoint with this one. This is a perfect track for a sunny summer day and makes me so excited to catch these two on the festival circuit this summer. Their sounds are so similar and unique at the same time that this may be my favorite track released all year. Rating: 11/10 (Yup, you read that correctly)

Gramatik has been on my radar for so long, it’s almost hard for me to remember when I first heard his iconic track, “Just Jammin.” Over the last decade the scene that he is involved in has changed so dramatically, but he remains a constant mainstay.

Release after release, he has shown that he has been able to bring that unique Gramatik sound that I fell in love with all those years ago. He certainly doesn’t disappoint with Epigram, and as of right now – this is my album of the year. I’m gonna be blasting this everywhere I go for a WHILE and I seriously hope I am able to catch Denis on the festival circuit this summer to see how this sounds on a great sound system. Thanks to his fantastic team, you know we will be!

We know you want to learn more about the artist behind the album, and we interviewed Gramatik & the whole Exmag crew as they were getting their start! Read about it here.

You can preorder the album on iTunes, Beatport, or for free through the Gramatik website here:


Everyone listen to this!

Gramatik Once Again Delivers a Wild Ride We Don't Want to Get Off
The features on the album are on pointProduction is out of this worldFantastic use of instrumentsGot that Gramatik sound we all know and love
Too shortNot enough solo Gramatik tracks
9.5Everyone listen to this!