“It’s all about the community”

This past weekend our team ventured out to a type of gathering we’ve never experienced before. OverĀ 300 dedicated souls climbed a mountain (literally) to a private ranch outside of Apple Valley, California for a non-stop musical adventure. From fire-spinners to interactive art pieces to all-night dancing, you could never go wrong in the desert village.


After our nail-biting 3 mile ascent up a dirt road, we were finally greeted with smiles and a congratulations because our car was able to make it up (unlike some others that had to carry all of their gear up the hill). We closely checked the weather reports and knew we were in for some rain Friday night, however we didn’t expect a winter wonderland.


It was a Christmas miracle, but also a sure sign that we were in for a cold, cold night. Lucky for everyone, there was a giant fire-pit near the stage so everyone could warm up and get right back to the dancing.


The music was some of the hottest underground on the market. Equipped with Funktion one sound on the main stage, DJ’s local and international dropped some of the best tech-house, minimal, psy-trance, deep-house, and glitch this world has to offer. Keeping the vocals to a minimum and the baseline always pumping, this truly was a musical experience that locked everyone in a trance. Some highlights of the weekend were Shany, Britton, Mr. Chen, and Bareteknique. On the other side of the camp lied the infamous Bass Dome where you could hear a variety to trap, dubstep, glitch-hop, but mostly dirty drum and bass. And, in case you were wondering, yes that stage bumped tunes non-stop as well. Be sure to check out GVT’s soundcloud (link below) to catch some of their live recorded sets of the weekend!


Good Vibe Tribe is a growing collective and aspires to become a record label one day. This gathering was an experiment to see how the community was going react to a boutique event in the midst of Serenity, Lucidity, and other festivals in the coming weeks. However, this festival was more than a success as the community embraced what the gathering had to offer and made so much more out of it. While other events have taken place in this location like Desert Heart’s one year anniversary with almost double the attendance, The Good Vibe Tribe Gathering felt as if it were a perfect size for an intimate communal experience. The free-for-all camping was at first quite hectic, however once the music started it didn’t matter how close or far away you camped from the stages because like it or not, you weren’t going to get any moments of silence the entire weekend.




While venturing around barter-town we enjoyed watching live artists paint throughout the night, however, we came across one particular artist who blew our expectations out of the water. Reid Godshaw, founder of Harmonic Lights, takes photography to the next level. Here’s how it works: he asks you to make a pose that represents you and hold that pose for thirty seconds, he asks you to choose your favorite color and favorite word and through an array of lights during a long exposure, he highlights certain areas of your body to make the image truly come alive. It’s pure magic!

“My mission is to create work that defies peoples expectations for the art form, That Breaks free of the expected norms and create mystery with as much of the image as possible.”

Sponsored by Wicked Lasers, Reid has built an interactive art performance for over five years and now takes it to festivals in the Southern California region. He dropped everything behind him and followed a dream that has made thousands of people shutter in awe of this completely original artwork. Having taken over 200,000 Light paintings and well over 75,000 Portraits, each one is completely unique and 100% original. Be sure to keep your eye on this guy, sooner or later he’ll be doing this with lines of hundreds at Coachella and you’ll dread the day you missed your chance to get a harmonic light.

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