The Do Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle festival Pre-Event: Temple Days, geared up for another great weekend of dancing, yoga, and achieved near enlightenment.

Of course a major staple of Lightning in a Bottle was their ever interesting Temple Days which took place at Wanderlust in Hollywood on March 26. This event has proven year after year to get festival attendees in just the right mindset for their journey into a more relaxed world. Temple Days featured a bunch of speakers, from chief economist and activist John Perkins, to co founder of LIB Dream Rockwell, to every Lightning attendees favorite Alien medium, Bashar. Even though music was not as much the focus for this event, music was provided by New York DJ, Tasha Blank, along with other artists showing just what LIB is all about. This year, being paired with Wanderlust Hollywood, Temple Days offered a whole new lineup of yoga seminars and nutrition classes, making this Temple Days the best one yet. So let us know what you thought of this year’s Temple Days.

And don’t forget about Lightning in a Bottle is happening sooner than you think. Make sure you buy tickets below and make your way out for one of the world’s premier music festivals.

You can buy tickets for Lightning in a Bottle by clicking here.

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