In less than two months, the most forward-thinking, innovative gathering will blossom for its second year.

Just 40 minutes outside of Las Vegas, from April 29th to May 1st, Further Future festival will inhabit the Moapa River Reservation, infusing music with vision – to create a one-of-a-kind festival experience.

While music may be the focus for most festivals around the world,  Further Future offers visionary speakers by day, and some of the world’s top acts to jam to by night. Further Future 002 has crafted a coveted list of speakers to discuss the future of the web, technology, music, health, media, cannabis, farming, luxury and life.


Confirmed Further Future 002 Vision Series speakers include:

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. “The Future of Web”

Bob PittmanChairman/CEO of iHeartMedia and MTV Co-Founder. “The Future of Media”

Stan Chudnovsky, Head of Product for Messaging at Facebook. “The Future of Messaging”

Riccardo Sabatini M.D., P.h.D., Research and Data Scientist. “The Future of Life”

Adam Gazzaley M.D., P.h.D., Revered Cognitive Neuroscientist and UCSF professor. “The Future of Brain Health”

Jane West, Founder of Women Grow. “The Future of Cannabis”

Also speaking are David Eagleman’s partner, Scott Novich, co-founder/CTO of NeoSensory, and CEO of Luxe Guide Simon Westcott. Rounding off the Saturday afternoon talks will be a performance by Hauschka on a specially prepared piano.

On the tech front, Robin Arnott will showcase the world premiere of SoundSelf using VR to induce altered states. Dave Hanson, of Hanson Robotics, will demo his creation of the world’s most realistic robotic human faces and Ben Goertzel of Novamente will present OpenCog – the world’s largest open source artificial intelligence project.

Putting the speaker series aside, Further Future 002 has gone extended its offerings with panels, demos and talks addressing the core Further Future pillars: Music, Food, Wellness, Community, Technology, Creativity. Highlights will include a keynote music talk/panel with legendary BBC Radio 1 Host Annie Nightingale, Telling stories with Light & Sound with CEO/Founder of Moment Factory, Sakchin Bessette, whose company is responsible for experience design for tours by Madonna, Muse, the Super Bowl halftime show and Cirque Du Soleil.

Wellness-wise, there’s sunset yoga with Ally Bogard, group talk and one-on-one sessions with Max Lugavere discussing hacking brain health for optimal performance, and then there’s Robin Berzin, MD. to talk about the confluence of wellness and technology.


Along with a strong focus in Forward-thinking and Tech, let’s not forget Further Future will host Nicholas Jaar, Caribou, The Pharcyde, &ME, and many more.

Connect with Further Future below, and we hope to see you there.

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